Sunday, 25 June 2017

I finished for Annual Leave last week on Wednesday.

The previous posts have any notable info on the start of the week, so I'm going to dive in with the Thursday just gone.

I read Star Wars: Rebel Heist, a four-part comic I bought at Oldham Comic Con back in May. Each part signed by the author Matt Kindt, the story tells of a rebel fighter coming face-to-face with the legendary Han Solo, some time between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. It's darker, grittier and more evocative than the films- the story hints at the smells and gut feelings of the characters, with less cartoonish characters and more storm troopers chasing the familiar main characters down darkened city alleys. Each part focusses on a different main Star Wars character: Solo in the first, then Leia, then Chewbacca and finally Skywalker. Star Wars nerds would lap up the intermediary story that enriches, but never treads on, the original movies.

A few of us met in Be Impossible Manchester, the new bar occupying the unit on Peter St that formerly housed Bar 38 and, briefly, Purity. No Twitter yet.

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Trendy upbeat bar on the ground floor, alpine lodge with fur-draped couches on the upper. Unique and slightly weird, but appreciatively so. A new outfit for the unit, which has been empty for around half a decade, has been long overdue, so to see it finally open is a great improvement to the street. Existing outfits like Sakana will see some competition, and nights out in The Albert Hall and LIV have a new starting place. I bumped into the Socialite staff before I headed over there, so I'm not the only one with that idea. I wasn't drinking but Impossible seemed to have a decent cocktail menu and back bar. Keep your eyes peeled on Meetup for a trip there in the near future.

Saturday: I dropped in on Heart for Art in Sale and got my first tattoo at their fundraiser. The Manchester Tattoo Appeal is still going strong, raising money for the families of those who died in the recent Manchester terror attack.

I got there early and beat the majority of the queue, and chatted to an Australian girl while a live band played outside. We were given a colour and number, and before long my number was called and I got this straight on the shin:

Not as painful as I expected, although years of Muay Thai deadening my nerves may have been a factor. I still nearly bit through the wooden spoon I brought with me though. Great work for a brilliant cause. I'm really happy with it. Advice from the staff: let it breathe, but keep it out of the sun for a week.

Back at work tomorrow. Oh well!

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