Tuesday, 20 June 2017

No More Chocolate Take 3: Results!

Fuck it. Let's get back on it.

A month ago I started a THIRD attempt to give up chocolate. Well, I managed. No chocolate bars, no hot chocolate drink, no chocolate-covered food or cake, and very little of any other junk food. I started the project at 76.6kg.

Guess what? I put weight on. After skipping in the sun all day yesterday, then ending with a gym session, I was 80kg (12'8). I've been exactly this weight a couple of times before, but never above 80.1kg I think. I've not binged on fruit, I've eaten more nuts, more veg and only 2 takeaways all month, that I can remember. I've done numerous skipping sessions outside (resulting in shocking sunburn despite lotion), I've done an endurance project at the gym which took 7+1/2 hours, and yet I'm STILL a fat bastard. This makes no sense.

To my credit, I did get down to 76.2kg, and I beat a few PBs here and there.


Dips- 65 (5 more)
Leg press- 170kg (10kg more)
10 min row- 2263m (74m more)

I may as well go back to eating chocolate again, or try fasting.

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