Saturday, 17 June 2017

A Few Resources on Psychology

I've been making a list of ideas for #psychologysaturday blog posts, something I'm committing to doing every week. One idea is to share with you a few resources that may help if you're looking into learning more in that area. Here are seven examples of information and advice relating to psychology. Share others in the comments!

The lastest psychology findings with reports on experiments happening across the globe. Fascinating stuff. Has a search function and categories for the different areas of psychology study. Has recently removed their comment function, so I removed it from my blog's blogroll.

A similar outlet with more of an assistive slant. The site has links to help you find a therapist (in America) and to help you get help (see their top bar). Has a comment function but does not allow you to link back to another website.

If you've read Neil Strauss' bestseller The Game, you'll have heard of David DeAngelo, the Robert DeNiro lookalike who was somewhat of an antagonist in the book. His techniques were the first that I found when I started researching advice on women in 2007. I subscribed to his emails, and a lot of his advice related to psychology- how we can change our mentalities and behaviours to develop ourselves. It took a few months but it certainly pushed me on a few steps. Dare I say it: I was a virgin until I read his info.

The Psychology Book

A Dorling Kindersley book which traces the major psychological findings throughout history. Will probably answer a few questions about your own mind that you've been wondering for a while.

Teach Yourself Psychology

A much smaller but still highly revealing book about the science of the mind, and how it affects the major areas of our lives (psychology in the workplace, child psychology, etc.). My mum has had my copy for many years. Keep meaning to get it back!

Men's Sexual Health

Metz and McCarthy's short guide is more than a description of STIs- it's about being healthy, both physically and mentally, in order to have a good sex life. Fascinating and reassuring.

The New Male Sexuality

Bernie Zibergeld's guide to sex, for men, is a must-read for all adult males. A bold statement, perhaps, but the detail that goes into the book revealing the major problems men have with sex and how to combat them- mostly by deciding on a change in mentality- is incredibly detailed and simple to understand. Again, hugely reassuring.

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