Saturday, 16 April 2011

Manchester Ritz to Close for Good?

Reliable sources tell me that two prized Manchester night-life spots are to close in May.

The BBC have reported that The Green Room, on Witworth Street, choice venue for many arts and performance events, is to close due to a lack of funding.

Government cuts now mean that poetry nights such as Dominic Berry's Freed Up, and music events like those promoted by local bar Band On the Wall, will now have to find a new home.

A source at the Green Room also suggested that The Manchester Ritz- a pre-war building and once home to the legendary 70's night Brutus Gold's Love Train- is also to shut its doors for good in May. At the time of writing, there isn't much mentioned online about the building's closure. However, HMV bosses have considered downsizing from their current Market Street spot and moving into the Ritz's basement.
Given that there are no other shops around that area, I'd say this would push HMV further down their spiral of reduced sales and increased competition.

I'm writing this wiping a tear from my eye, remembering my first ever university night out at Love Train in 2002. A whole night dedicated to 70s disco music, populated by young student girls. I thought it was awesome. The bouncy dance floor- the stage show with Brutus Gold spinning the discs and his cohorts Willis the kung-fu expert and, erm, some blonde girls in flares- there was nowhere like it. (It did end up being the same formula for years on end. It must be said. Lots of dance routines, dance competitions and mimed PAs. Fun, nonetheless.)

There are plenty of other places that play 70s music, and that have better d├ęcor to boot. The Tiger Lounge on Cooper St. jumps instantly to mind. But there won't be anywhere quite like the Ritz.

The Green Room, however, was a specialist building designed for public performance. There are other places that provide this service, like Northern and An Outlet, both in the Northern Quarter, but will they be as easy to book for events? And do they have the same acoustic quality? I don't know.

Have you hear more about The Ritz or Green Room? Fill us in...


CageFightingBlogger said...

More Green Room info from Inside the M60:

Fat Roland said...

The Manchester Evening News is running with a Greenroom story today.