Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Try This Formula To Get More Blog Traffic

I got the formula
and I'll rain on all o' ya
-Wiley, “Take That”

What brought you to this site? There’s a good chance you found it through a Google search. There’s also a fair possibility that you follow me on Twitter. These two sources of traffic make up the majority of the referrals for the hits on my site.

If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing out. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is more focussed on giving people information through links to other sites. It’s popular with amateur hacks, bloggers (both pro and amateur) and businesses. And actual celebrities, as I’ve mentioned a few times.

I tweet about my blog posts whenever I upload to my blog. From there, the traffic trickles in for the new writing. Yet I still get hits on older posts- mostly those about celebrities- due to the writing covering subjects that people are already searching for. Am I getting these hits because the writing is good? Or am I just using key words that people are regularly using in searches?

I’ve decided to apply a formula to my social networking. I’m going to tweet a link to one blog post every day. Some will be for new uploads. Others will be for my older, most-hit posts. This won’t tell me what I’m doing right or wrong, but in theory it should multiply my blog hits. The tweets will be in the form of a question (always a good way to catch people’s attention) such as “Why do you think Danny Dyer is mad at Mark Kermode?” This particular example should be effective for a number of reasons.

1)    I have named two named celebrities
2)    I have asked a question, which is a method of catching people’s attention. Street salespeople do the same thing, you might notice
3)    The question is an opinion. Sort of. I’m asking people for their say. Their involvement.

Do you think it will work? And do social media experts have relevant advice for using Twitter to promote one’s blog? And do you see what I’m trying to do with this final paragraph?


Gordon Bennet said...

I've noticed the celebrity thing, and the proffering of a question too. Good blog. Let the traffic come.

Claire said...

I found you through your FB link on Copyblogger. And I want to get into copywriting too.. let me know if you find the way in!