Thursday, 7 July 2011

Getting Ripped for MMA

I knew I ‘urt ‘im, when he said aarg”
-UFC Fighter Georges St Pierre

I’ve not trained in MMA for 9 months now due to moving out and being poor as shit, basically. I’ve recently sorted out a load of Inland Revenue tasks, shall we say, and I’m now coping a little better. It’s time to get back into MMA… very soon.

One problem- I’ve spent the last month doing gym classes and no weights sessions. I’ve fallen out of shape a little. It’s time to get ripped again. So here’s my monthly task. You could try it too.

6 45-minute sessions a week. I'll tailor all exercises to the benefit of MMA. In MMA, a fighter is frequently required to keep his opponent as close to him as possible. This involves a lot of holds where the limbs are being used to pull a weight (the opponent’s body) in towards the fighter. Some movements at the gym replicate this movement- seated row, for instance, could be likened to a Thai clinch or a bear hug. The hip adductor (inside thigh) machine works the exact muscles used for holding an opponent in guard.

What other movements are beneficial for MMA?

Lat Pulley

There are a few ways of doing this- arms wide, arms at 90 degrees (with the back of the hand or the palm facing the face) or with this parallel bar.

In MMA, whatever you move, your stomach moves with it.

Leg Press

As this uses most of the muscles in the legs, it’s perfect for a whole range of escapes, submissions and reversals that all involve legwork in MMA.

How much can you push doing 10 reps per weight?

Cardio machines will all prepare the heart for endurance, which is required in MMA.

Try the bike.

The cross trainer (Elliptical trainer) is regarded to be one of the best.
Sidetracking slightly, but doesn't he remind you of The Bear from American Pie 3?

Yes. Well. Also, try the hand bike

and the rowing machine.

Use each machine for ten minutes at a time. Skip the running machine. The impact on the knees won’t do you any favours.

Between each exercise, do 200 stomach crunches with the ab cruncher.

Try this with me throughout July. In August, I’ll post a few results. Then I’ll get back into MMA. I promise…

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