Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Who's your biggest retweeter?

I know I’ve already said that blogging about blogging is largely masturbatory, and that trying to get blog hits by slamming links in as many places as possible isn’t going to get you sustained readership. I know I said all that. I know I said regular posting of helpful, well-written content is the best way of getting punters back to your site. (Did I say that? A thousand web gurus definitely have. I’ll say it too.)

I also know that constantly banging on about your own blog on Twitter will mark you out as someone who needs to open his eyes and see the real world once in a while. I’m in no denial of needing to act on that. I once saw a youtube video where a web advisor said that the first thing to remember is: Nobody gives a shit about your blog. I get this completely.


I’ve thought of another blogging challenge.

Followers are everything on Twitter. The more followers, the more fame, the more influence. Now. In a recent blog race I managed to get a few retweets from some well known individuals: adult stars Kerry Louise, Angel Long and Claire Dames. I knew that the more followers a retweeter has, the more exposure my blog will gain.

My top retweeter was Kerry Louise, tweeting to 43,000 followers. My task- get retweeted by somebody bigger, in exchange for a good mention and link on the blog. If you’re a blogger, give this a shot too. I’ll post again in a month and let you know what happened. One word of advice: when you tweet to celebs, put their @handle at the beginning of the tweet. As you’ll be doing this loads, don’t clog up your followers news feeds with your tweets that are aimed at one person. I'm conscious as I think I’ve annoyed enough people…

For the record, here are my current blog stats:

Total hits: 18265
Hits last month: 4011
Referring URLs from Twitter this week: 17
Referring URLs from Twitter this month: 195

Let’s compare this in a month’s time.

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