Thursday, 18 April 2013

Salmon with Chilli Ginger Sauce

These Hairy Dieters recipes are getting HARD. This recipe took hours to prepare- partly because I had no squeezer for the oranges- my mum had lent me a lemon squeezer but I’d (presumably) given it back to her. I couldn’t find it after digging around in my myriad, cluttered cupboards. In retrospect, the pestle and mortar might have been more effective than trying to blend half an orange.

A second complication was the inclusion of “two tablespoons of the syrup”. So ginger comes in syrup? Not the ginger I found. And the golden syrup I found didn’t have any ginger in either. So what I did was probably totally wrong.

I mixed up the rest of the ingredients. I needed to add water to get the oranges out of the blender, which changed the constitution later on. I boiled it up as instructed; the smell was weird.

The fish and the sauce both finished cooking around the same time, so at least I got that right.

It tasted as weird as it smelled. i.e. STRONG.

I probably need a zest grater, something with very fine holes. I should probably have cut up the orange peel and the ginger smaller by the time I put them in.

THD mentions adding veg right at the end of the recipe. Great.

Outcome: Fish great. Sauce not.  

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Hhhmm looks nice....kinda! :)