Friday, 19 April 2013

"Translating" Foreign Poetry

Tuesday’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to translate a poem from a foreign language into English. The less you know about that foreign language, the better. Just make an absolute guess based on what the words look like. Hence, I picked this Finnish piece. The result: total surrealism. As Roy Walker used to say, just say what you see! A brilliant way of developing the best genre of poetry.

Bree Aldridge’s van made a cracker!
She said in biology, I’m a radio. Cracking
Faster, she snapped a video, dig her knockers pal!
The Fonz’s other brother: cracking but a little psychotic.
Ingesting hands and hair. Ingesting. Trade garders
I reckon. Citroen’s are a man’s car, and flock a major life, me!
Have to get others to video the running if I fall. Clock ornament
Genome dissect. Raking clangers. Jag’s sag and clang
The little flicker’s are gonna go mouldy: that’s very irrepairable!
Fran’s bojangles, that’s got on it. Moet drugs over at the den.
Violet organs lanced in the mouth
Pupils “ouch” Sedan can jag into
Full of the longer, Moet.

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