Monday, 21 September 2015

Prospective Mondays

It's Fresher's Week! What do you mean I graduated a decade ago? I'm still mentally 19, thank you very much and Manchester will actually be busy for once. And as no-one has their NUS cards yet, you won't need student ID to get into Tiger Tiger. It's big. It's busy. Its old-skool music choices aren't too overplayed. It's full of good-looking people. Anyone fancy a look tonight? Tweet me. The club's site says it's a fiver in, but I'm sure I got in for free a couple of years ago by turning up before the queues. Other Freshers week events can be found on the MEN website and on Skiddle.

On Thursday I'm taking Manchester Social Group to The Milton Club for a night of extravagance and class. And swimwear models.

Marquee always has good talent on display (and I don't hear any complaints from the women about the men) so it's likely to be a winner of an evening. My event is full, but contact the club for guestlist etc. Free in before 12.

Friday: A meetup with After Work Drinks at Grinch. Meet new people, drink, be merry.

Saturday: If you fancy watching England Vs Wales in the Rugby World Cup and you don't want to do it on your own, check out Manchester Social Scene who are watching it in a bar in Chorlton.

You could then burn off the weekend's excesses with a walk through Plumley, Cheshire, with Manchester iVC. (If you're over 40.)

Further suggestions? Again, tweet me.

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