Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Grinch and the International Model Search

Oh, you missed a corker this week. I arranged a night out to Marquee, the Thursday night event at The Milton Club.

On the night of the 24th the Club also played host to Swimsuit USA International Model Search (Twitter here), in association with Yumyum Models. Outfits were provided by Pretty Pink Princess.

I actually set up an event through Manchester Social Group before this particular night was promoted. All I knew was that it was a Marquee event, so I had no idea I'd be ogling scantily-clad women. Well, I had no complaints.

Presenting the event was Laura Alicia of Ex On The Beach fame (MTV). On the judging panel: Love Island winner Jessica Hayes, model and daughter of late comedian Les Dawson, Charlotte Dawson, and Ex on the Beach presenter Ali Drew. The competitors were largely stunning (I'd expect nothing less from the Milton Club) and winner Kate Gulliver was a worthy champion.

It was a much busier night than most Thursdays- a higher attendance coupled with a huge catwalk taking over the dance floor helped to pack out the small and elegant building. A slight technical issue with the mic didn't hinder the fine presentation too much.

Marquee may host other events during their Thursday nights, and I might put more events up on Manchester Social Group. If you fancy joining us, keep your eye on the page.
Check out the pictures from the night here.

The following night saw the return of After Work Drinks, a meetup group this time in Grinch bar off Manchester's Cross St. Attendees packed out the lower floor of the unique, stoney, forged-metal bar to meet new people. It's a great group although it's very broad so you may meet countless people but not necessarily chat to them for long. I've found, though, that on a second or third meetup you start to find familiar faces and similar nightlife tastes. Hence when the bar closed at 11pm, a few of us went to Revolucion de Cuba (I ducked) and a few others packed out the otherwise quiet Revolution at Parsonage Gardens. It's had a makeover since I was last there, looking brighter and more continental with a good portion of the dance floor now covered in tables. Their WiFi wouldn't connect to my phone for some reason. A handful of us then strayed over to the Northern Quarter for more drinks. I've made a few contacts through this group, both new friends and possible blog readers too. After Work Drinks is well-worth getting involved with.

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