Monday, 28 September 2015

Prospective Mondays

Now. What was I doing with my life before Celebrity Big Brother? Oh yes, trying to be a writer. And trying to get people out of their houses and into new social circles, doing fun things. Specifically, I was avoiding the TV. And that's what I'll recommence doing.

If you're a budding novel writer, you may or may not have been using Authonomy for feedback. The fiction review website closes down on Wednesday. Due to changes in the writing community the site has become smaller and is now closing for good. If you've been using it and are still looking for feedback, I suggest you check out Scribophile. I used this for some months, getting some valuable feedback that led to some of my work being published.

Working or looking to work in the creative industries? Free on Tuesday afternoons? Find a mentor who can help to guide you with the somewhat confusingly-titled Northern SoHo.

If you're looking for a writing workshop, but one that's “not as you know” writing workshops to be (whatever that means), why not just Shut Up and Write? If you're free Wednesday afternoon head down to Manchester Central Library. I'm in work, so let me know how it goes.

Writer Jonathan Franzen will also be in Manchester Central Library on Saturday night, promoting his new book Purity. If you want to go with a group, check out Young Professionals in Manchester

Saturday night- I'll be in Suburbia. It's a great new bar on Deansgate, in 111A- formerly Avici White (or Club V if you're old enough to remember it). The organiser hasn't set a limit for attendees, so come and find her, and me, and everyone else on the night.

I start my Annual Leave on Friday. I cannot WAIT. A week and a half off. Expect a few posts re parties, exhibitions and possibly even the rapper Xzibit.

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