Thursday, 8 October 2015

I Hereby Vow Not to Buy Any More Books

Hi, my name's Matt.”

A unified reply: “Hi Matt.”

I've been a book addict for about 5 years now. It started in 2010 when I went to the Manchester Literature Festival. I started buying books there, and I haven't been able to stop. Sometimes I see an advert for a signing, or I walk past an Oxfam shop, and I can't help but go in. I have to be carfeful when I visit Manchester Arndale: if I pick the wrong exit it'll throw me out at the Northern Quarter end and I'll have to go into the 2nd hand book shop there.

Here's a picture of the books I haven't read yet.”

Audible gasps.


I'm kidding. I haven't really been to an addiction therapy support group. Although maybe I should, given that this pile of books is getting larger every few months, no matter how much I read. So here's my vow. I've not bought a book in about a month now. It looks like I've sedated the literary consumerist inside me for the moment. I'm going to keep it that way until all these books are read. I doubt I'll manage it, given my tendency to stray into discount bookstores, and given my obsession with celebrities. Famous types usually bring out a book here and there, and I'll buy a copy mostly to meet the writer. (This has led to a broadening of my literary tastes, as well as a burgeoning celebrity album on Facebook.)

Annoyingly, I've decided this in the run-up to Christmas, just before the Manchester Literature Festival and the time of year when book releases and signings generally occur.
I'll give it my best shot, though, and possibly in another 5 years time I might be on top of it all. THEN I'll check out who's appearing at a Waterstones event.

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