Thursday, 29 October 2015

Manchester Hit List

There's a few places in Manchester that I've wanted to check out for some time. A while back I wrote a list of bars, a list of clubs and a list of restaurants that I liked the look of, and I added to these as the weeks went on. Then my phone broke and I lost it all. I've had a go at rewriting from memory. Here's a few names of places that you might see on the Manchester Social Group events feed in the near future, as I'll be organising nights to most of these. Most of these are the smarter-end places, so if that's your thing, keep your eye on the meetup group. I've linked to the venues' Twitter accounts, as these will give a better indication of the kind of night we'll be enjoying. Join up if you want to be part!



Playhouse at Panacea (the club's Friday night party event)


Al Bacio (I've still got a voucher for this after I ditched the girl I was going to take. She typically turned out to be a nutter.)

Comment and tell me which of these you'd want to check out first.


CageFightingBlogger said...

Damnit, Albert's Schloss needed to go on this list!

Fred Asquith said...

Omg Albert schloss is amazing and certainly needs to be on therr