Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Sad Time for Urban Cookie Collective Fans

Urban Cookie Collective and fellow Mancunian Diane Charlemagne lost a battle with cancer last Thursday. She was 51.

Ms Charlemagne was probably best known for The Key The Secret, which peaked at number 2 in the charts in 1993.

I was in first year in secondary school when the song came out, and it always reminds me of school discos- in particular my first one in secondary school, where someone- presumably a teacher- dressed up as a snowman and began busting moves on stage to said song. The outfit looked like some kind of dress, and all the kids in the front row were drying to reach up onto the stage to lift it up. Weird.

I personally preferred Feels Like Heaven, an underplayed 90s classic.

I remember hearing it on what was Kiss 102 in around 1994, back when dance music wasn't as popular as it is now. Urban Cookie collective were still very well-loved among teens despite this.

Ms Charlemagne will be missed.

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