Thursday, 12 November 2015

#tbt Amiga games

Christmas 1992: I got an Amiga 500+, an underrated and great computer with some superb games. As the years went by my collection grew, and although Commodore got a bad rap, the Amiga provided hours of entertainment.

Among my favourites were Putty (this guy has given a stern review- it's better than he makes it sound)

Also a favourite: the addictive Rainbow Islands.

I wasn't all for brightly coloured platform scrollers: Road Rash was bloodthirsty fun.

1996: as GCSEs began, the available time I had to play them shrank, and my interest in films grew and grew. Added to that, a lot of Saga and Nintendo fans treated the Amiga as a laughing stock, and it didn't deserve such treatment.

This week my parents cleared out their loft, and I rescued a load of these games from a big black bag up there. I'm tempted to shell out on an Amiga on Ebay, but the prices are almost as steep as a brand new one would have cost back in the day. So I'm looking at the possibility of finding the hardware and software to play old Amiga games on the PC. Has anyone had any success with this?

Did you have one? Were you a rebel and shunned the Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo? What was your favourite Amiga game? Are there any resources for playing games like this?

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