Thursday, 5 November 2015

Is Sheffield Always this Scary, or Just on Halloween?

You know I love you, Sheffield people. But seriously, how cheesy? And what's with the vast number of couples?

Anyway, I had a top impromptu Halloween night out last weekend in the Yorkshire town. For my first night out there, this is what I went dressed as.

We went to a few bars, went on to Popworld (very cheesy) and ended in Dempseys (very gay) til about 5am. (It was the only place open.)

This guy was loving playing the chained-up zombie from 28 Days Later, flailing himself about in the middle of the street. Kudos.

Sheffield: a funny, fun night out. Not to be taken seriously. It's not Spinningfields. There's no house or RnB. But in all fairness I didn't see it kick off, and you're hardly going to be charged £12 for a scotch you've never heard of.



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