Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Dropped into Tiger Tiger last night for what I thought would be a student night.

I managed to get hold of a membership card a decade ago at a gym called Holmes Place, now Virgin Active, in the Printworks. I was going to use this card this week to get into Tiger Tiger's student night, which I always remembered being on a Monday. Just a few years ago, and YEARS after graduating, I'd dropped in on that night and it'd been great fun.

I swung by last night hoping the membership card would get me past the doormen, but there was no queue anyway. Was I too early?

I talked to a barman who said the student night had been moved to a Tuesday. Oh well. I mentioned I was last in the club at New Year when rapper Fat Man Scoop was performing, and that I'd seen a huge kickoff in the Boogie Wonderland room. The barman mentioned that the group fighting was in fact gypsies and that one of the managers got beat up in the process. The trouble-causers spent loads of money, though, so were pretty much let off.

Take a look at the pictures from the night: gypsy fashion normally includes lace, bright colours and dotted patterns for the women and 1993 trends for the men. You can spot them.

The barman also mentioned that Deansgate Locks is a busy night on a Monday (as it was back in my student day). I may put something on Meetup for a Monday night- stay tuned to Manchester Social Group and Manchester Cool Bars if you're free those nights.

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