Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Dreaming Void

I've just finished reading the first of three SF novels by Peter F Hamilton, the UK's leading science fiction writer. The Dreaming Void follows three young men on very different journeys in 3580 in the Intersolar Commonwealth: Inigo, whose dreams are transmitted through the ether and experienced by billions, inspiring them to pilgrimage, Aaron, a man with serious amnesia who knows only his name and that he must stop Inigo and the pilgrimage, and Edeard, a junior constable- a police figure- trying to bring about order to his city. His psychic powers put him a cut above his peers.

I found the plot very heavy and technical, which is fair for a “hard SF” novel like this. The predictions of future tech and lifestyles were fascinating. I'd love for my calendar to be in my head permanently, and for this- plus the internet- to be accessible through instant mind-control. It's a little cheesy, it's action-packed, and massively inventive and engaging. Looking forward to the (much larger) second and third parts.

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