Sunday, 28 February 2016

Socialite and Bamboo

Dropped into Spinningfields' Neighbourhood bar on Thursday- one of the only busy Thursday night bars you'll find- where I successfully schooled some drunk bloke in a dance-off before heading to LIV for their Socialite event. Pics are here.

Great evening. More pics here.

Japanese-themed Bamboo returned to LIV on Friday for their monthly event. Actual bamboo attached to walls; kimono-clad dancers; giant panda-head outfit being passed around. Great vibes. Pics here 

A few of my own:

This was a joint meetup incorporating both Manchester Social Group and Manchester Cool Bars. Just a reminder if you're going to LIV whether it be with these meetup groups or not: ALWAYS bring ID. A driver's license ideally. It doesn't matter how old you are- they treat everyone equally and always require it. If you forget, you can fill in a form on the door. But generally speaking, if you go out to bars you should always have ID whether the club require it or not. You never know when it will come in handy.

Top top evening. Keep your eyes on these meetup groups for similar nights out!

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