Monday, 8 February 2016

Prospective Mondays

Valentine's week is upon us, and the only plans I have as of yet for Sunday 14th is Writers Connect, my twice-monthly feedback group. I need your advice on part 3 of my screenplay. I'll recap the story so far before I read it out so you won't be in the dark.

Valentine's Day is bollocks anyway; let's not pretend.

I don't see these prospective posts lasting much longer to be honest: the point of them was to encourage people to get involved with the events that I was putting on through Meetup. I've advertised other people's events with no feedback as to whether what I was doing was having an effect. The roundup posts I usually put up on Sunday nights detail some of the events that have taken place: these offer links to the Meetup groups, so as intelligent people you're more than capable of checking the upcoming events that any group might be holding. Check the “All Meetups” tab on the right of the homepage and you'll find plenty of dating-type groups as well as everything else: food, drinks, sports, museum trips... the list goes on. It's up to you to make the decision to attend though, I can only show you. Don't stay in!

Oh, also, has anyone noticed that the Meetup app on Windows phones doesn't allow you to read private messages? Apparently Android phones are fine for this aspect. I used to have an android phone; I don't remember there being a problem but then I don't remember checking PMs. I also tried the Clique app, which is offers very similar access to your Meetup account. I couldn't see the advantage of this over the original Meetup app: neither allows you to see inbox messages.

Cannot WAIT to get off this contract.

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