Monday, 9 May 2016

Clinton to Win, Unsurprisingly

A while back I read Nostradamus: Prophecies for the Future by Mario Reading, first published in 2006. In it Reading discusses Nostradamus' prediction of 'a masculine woman' coming to power and 'annoying nearly all of Europe.' Reading suggests this is Hillary Clinton being 'either in her first or second term as US president by 2015.'

A bit hasty, but Reading isn't far off. Clinton is already the forerunner in the democratic race, currently beating Bernie Sanders. She also has more votes than either of the Republican candidates.

I dropped into Ladbrokes for the first time today. I've never laid a bet before so I thought I'd go with my instincts. Unfortunately, most other people had that same instinct, and Clinton is such a sure-fire winner that I'd have to bet hundreds just to make a profit from the win.

Bernie is too old, and Trump is a bigot who told us he'd fuck his own daughter.

Looking forward to an interesting 4 years with a woman in charge of one of our strongest allied nations.

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