Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Join Me at Playhouse in Panacea

We may just have had a bank holiday and the weather may still be bitterly cold, but that's no excuse for your social life to be on hold. Not everyone wants to stay in just because last weekend was a busy one. What's happening this week?

Friday night should be a large one. I've been meaning to check out Panacea for a long time now. I went back in '14 on a Saturday, before the refurbishment a year or so ago. So now the snow has passed (at last) and that it's MAY (for FUCK's sake) it's about time I got organised and put up a meetup. Here it is. Panacea's Friday night is Playhouse, a fun-themed extravaganza featuring inflatables and wacky glasses. And models. As you can see the RSVP has been shut off as we're already a big number. By all means try getting in and meeting us there, but you'll have to be early. The group as it stands will have to split up to get in. We're starting in classy underground joint Australasia.

Saturday: local boxing champ Anthony Crolla takes on Ismael Barroso. He's making his first defense of his WBA lightweight belt. I'd watch it, but it's the second Saturday of the month, so you know what that means...

I need your feedback on the next chunk of my screenplay. Come join me at Nexus on Sunday for the next Writers Connect meeting. Get a bit of writing done in our warmup exercises (there's a few printed on this blog) and give and receive advice on stories and poems. We start at 1pm.

Other future meetups may involve these new interesting-sounding places, as detailed by Manchester Confidential. Can't wait for the old shell of Bar 38 to become something again!

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