Monday, 16 May 2016

Come and see Tim Westwood this Friday

A few months ago I put up a meetup on Manchester Social Group to see hip hop DJ Tim Westwood in Suede nightclub. He's the most unintentionally hilarious DJ working in the UK today. Most people in this group are older than me, and not a single person RSVPd. But I wanted to go see him anyway, so I thought, fuck it, and bought a ticket. It was an interesting night.

He's coming back to Suede, with his absurd accent and fantastic rap music selection, this Friday. You mustn't miss So Seductive. This time I've put the event onto Manchester Cool Bars and Clubs. It's a group popular more with 20-somethings, and a few like me who are a little older. Very quickly the RSVPs started flowing in. So far 18 people have arranged to meet in Sakana. There were free tickets to Suede but they ran out within hours. There was a link for £10 tickets, one of which I've got. It now seems ladies get in free before 12, so there may be a few annoyed women in the group! Oh well! 

This will be the biggest meetup I've ever ran. Make it more so by coming out yourself!

In other news, David Haye fights on Saturday, but I'm missing it as a) I'm at a party in the afternoon and b) I have Writers Connect on the Sunday. I need yet MORE feedback on my script. We're past the halfway point! I will run through the plot so you're up to speed. Also I have a great warm-up exercise. Get involved!

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