Sunday, 8 May 2016

Playhouse at Panacea

Broke a personal record this week. I mentioned earlier I'd spent Bank Holiday Sunday in Taboo, Tiger Tiger's Bank Holiday event. The next day Taboo retweeted this girl's tweet:

I replied:

96 likes! Dayum. According to Twitter analyser ANA it's my most popular tweet by a long way. So thanks Kate and Tiger Tiger. Question: Did she ever find him? If not let's do some matchmaking here! (With her and the guy she pulled, I mean. Not really gonna intrude.) I doubt some 18-year-old lad from Stockport who hangs around the Printworks is going to be an avid blog reader, but why shouldn't he be?! Or why shouldn't someone who knows him?

Moving on to the weekend just gone: Friday night was party-themed Playhouse night at the opulent and beautiful Panacea. I set up a fast-filling meetup to check the place out. I'd not been since before it's refurbishment a year or so ago, so a visit was long overdue! We got guest list so got in free before it got busy. It seemed a little smaller than I remember, but the design is so different that I can't really picture it's former guise.

Good RnB music provided by Carlton Delingo, who also does The Milton Club. Knew I recognised him. Top skills. Although it's known as a bit of a celebrity haunt I only spotted one other person: Elite TV / Playboy model Ann Denise Wilson. Didn't quite get a chance to say hi. Next time!

If you're gonna go to Panacea, bring money. A bottle of water and 4 shots came to £50 according to my friend. Don't let that mislead you though- the people I met there were friendly and down to earth, and the atmosphere fun. There's normally a Facebook album but I didn't see a photographer on the night and there's no pictures from the night in their social media.

Here's me in front of their Enchanted Tree feature:

and here with the lovely (but married) Fiona.

I plan to go back soon, so keep your eyes on the Cool Bars meetup page to get involved.

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