Sunday, 23 October 2016

Is Hillary Clinton a Huge Equilibrium Fan?

Who remembers Equilibrium, the 2002 Sci-Fi action romp vehicle featuring a young Christian Bale?

You might notice towards the end Bale sports a striking white mandarin suit for his visit to meet the almost-mythical, revered, 'Father' figure.

Away from movies now, and into the frighteningly dystopian future that could await America (and the rest of the world) if Donald Trump becomes president. In the last three presidential debates, Hillary Clinton has worn red, blue and white respectively- the colours of the American flag. Much has been made of this. But did anyone notice, in that final debate, the resemblance to Christian Bale's attire in Equilibrium? 

I wouldn't put it past her to have a gun kata under her belt, especially if you're going up against a nutter like Trump. If Trump had interrupted her perhaps forty times, instead of the THIRTY SEVEN times he did, maybe that would have been her breaking point. Maybe only then would she have whipped out her sword and two modified Berettas, shot him 12 times inside a second and lopped off the front of his face with a single swipe of her katana before his obese body could hit the stage floor.

Or maybe she would have continued to have been dignified and patient, and made her way to being the 45th – and first female- US president.

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