Monday, 24 October 2016

This week will be better than last week

Last week wasn't that bad, to be honest. It started weak: two people plus me RSVPd to a meetup on Deansgate Locks, but I was the only one to turn up. The whole of the Locks was dead anyway. I waited a while but it didn't pick up. If the two RSVPs had bothered showing up, we could have made a decision to look elsewhere, but no, they wanted me to make that decision for them before they came out. No deal. They've been marked as no-shows. My understanding is, they have two more strikes and then they're barred from the group.

After this my week picked up: I was on local radio station Key 103's Key Lates chat show for the second time in a month- this time about dumping via text and whether it's okay (I don't think it is, but it's pretty normal in my experience, whether it's dumping or being dumped). Presenter Adam's take on my situation: I'm going to the wrong places. Shame nowhere else seems to work for me either!

My ticket for The Warehouse Project has been bought by someone on Resident Advisor, so I've got my money back.

Saturday night: I went out with three women to Spinningfields. Standard. We went over to the Left Bank, at the back of the newly-developed nightlife complex, to the River Irwell and the bars that line it. The newest bar there is Menagerie, a bar and restaurant featuring aerial dancers. Imagine chowing down on steak whilst some blonde in a suspended hoop spins around over your head.

I think it would be great.

A photo posted by Matt Tuckey (@matttuckey) on

A photo posted by Matt Tuckey (@matttuckey) on

Nice little bar. Oh, I spotted Scott and Kady from Love Island on my way out.

After this we headed to The Northern Quarter and to Guilty, where the only girl I spoke to turned out to live down the road from me in Oldham. I don't think either of us were too pleased about that. We were probably both well-intentioned people, but we both went out in Manchester to get away from Oldham.

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Fit though.

So. What will make this week better?

First, Oldham's Odeon is open. I don't mind being in the town centre provided I'm hiding in a darkened room. I took a look today, and watched Trolls in 3D.

It cost me £9 in the middle of a Monday. I'll be honest, that's a rip-off for any film. In a few months, the DVD will cost that much in Tesco. The new multiplex is having some growing pains: there was no-one to stop us walking into the room before the previous film had finished- no staff in the actual corridor for the screens. It wasn't obvious where the 3D glasses were, and when I eventually found them one member of staff tried to charge me for them. The screening was late, so they ran it without trailers, which I wasn't happy about: I like to see what's coming up. The film itself was a little hit-and-miss: incredible visuals and colouring, but this was pinned to a cliche'd story. The trolls don't look much like the troll figures I remember from my childhood, and they burst into song at the most random of moments. Lots of Dreamworks / Disney Pixar films tend to be loaded with double entendres or highbrow wit for the adults in the room, but that was sadly lacking in this one.

Odeon are going to have to drop their prices if they want people to visit. Nobody in Oldham has any money.

Friday: Bongo's Bingo returns to Albert Hall... with Fatman Scoop! Can I get a what-what?! The Celebrity Big Brother star and rapper will be joining Johnny Bongo, Sweaty Betty and Slutty Sue for another mental bingo popcorn rave in a refurbished church. What exactly Scoop's involvement would be I don't know. I dread to think, in fact. There's nothing on Meetup regarding this yet but there may be soon... and if you're looking for Halloween meetups, I've spotted 5 themed events in my suggestions. You're an adult. Have a look!

More events are planned already for the coming weeks. I'll tell you next Monday. Or, look on Meetup!

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