Sunday, 30 October 2016

Refuge and Blume at Viva

Right at the end of the night, outside Oxford Rd's Spar, one girl noticed- with some prompting- that the pocket square was actually a piece of kitchen roll.

On the corner of the Palace Hotel on Oxford Road, inside the 111-year-old Victorian building, lies Refuge, a new bar inside what was the lobby of the building. The 70s-inspired d├ęcor includes vibrant patterned art ontop of the original exposed brickwork, complimented by funk music at talking level. It's a good starting place if you're heading to the Witworth St area (which we were).

It's early days for the new bar- a lot of the ingredients for the non-alcoholic cocktails they didn't have, which slimmed the options for drivers like me. But it's nice to have something not-so-studenty on Oxford Road.

Good job. I didn't fancy going back to Oldham and getting changed again

We then moved on to VIVA, a smart club I'd been in only once before for Miss Swimsuit UK. Blume, the Saturday weekly night, was quite different to the Thursday night event, with a much younger clientele. Unfortunately they were much ruder too, and kept bumping into me and my group without apologising, when there was plenty of space. I felt that people were quite cold and not willing to chat. There was phone reception in the first half of the bar, but once you got to the club at the back O2 coverage dropped out. (But then, O2 is shit.) My friend paid £2 to leave her coat in the cloakroom, but then at the end of the night let her pick out her coat from the rail. So anyone else could have picked it up if they wanted.

I definitely posed for an official picture but I'm not in the album.

Plenty of other places to try. As the club started to empty out I took a walk around the city to see what was happening. I found a load of police vehicles on Peter St at the crossroads of Deansgate, where one woman was already in handcuffs.

So although my Halloween wasn't as good as some others I'd had, in 2016 it certainly wasn't as bad as it was for some other people.

Utter gridlock trying to get out of the city at 3am

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