Sunday, 16 October 2016

Living Room reopens, other nightlife shizzle

Monday: dropped into new restaurant Muse in Uppermill, Saddleworth. Had a great cheeseburger. Love the Monty Python quote on the wall. Never been to a restaurant that serves a bag of doughnuts as a dessert. I wolfed them down though.

Friday night saw the reopening of Manchester's The Living Room

I took a meetup group to the opening, and we started in The Red Door a little further down. The group was pretty big but we all seemed to get on, and get in. We moved over to The Living Room as it was filling up. Gorgeous designs and clientele. Good atmosphere although the speakers seemed a little crackly- a growing pain that I'm sure will be smoothed out. Worth going back to for sure. Here's Tom DaLips on sax.

Saturday: dropped into Artisan, one of my favourite bars. I'm steadily working my way through the cocktail menu.

A photo posted by Matt Tuckey (@matttuckey) on

A photo posted by Matt Tuckey (@matttuckey) on

I'm planning to do an Artisan all-nighter on Meetup soon, so keep your eyes on Cool Bars.

One more thing...

Do you want to see house music stars Chocolate Puma and Blonde at The Warehouse Project? The tickets on the Warehouse Project site have sold out, however I bought mine on Resident Advisor. I can't go so I've had to put this up for resale. Buy it here before someone else does!

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