Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Beating Very Old Gym Records

The intended outcome

Do you ever go to the gym and hit certain machines, only to find you're getting nowhere with them so move onto other exercises? Do you ever make so much progress on certain movements that you totally forget about the ones you started on? I've been keeping records on my workouts since about 2011, during which time some movements I've made loads of improvements on and some I've made none. My oldest personal bests go back to 2012. I'm confident that I can make some improvements on a few of these.

So what are they?

14 wide-grip chin-ups 21/6/12
10 mins walk 8.3kph 11/7/12
10 mins reverse cross trainer 0.48k 13/10/12
Pec deck plate 14 21/12/12
Vertical dumbbell fly 18kg x2 7/7/13
1hr on cross trainer 2.91k 25/7/13
10 mins run 14.0kph 27/11/13
10 mins cross trainer 0.69k 11/3/14
13 bicep chin-ups 14/7/14
14 horizontal grip chin-ups 16/5/15

I'm expecting quite a few improvements on these as a lot of these movements are very similar to others that I've recently made PBs on. So let's see how it goes. Obviously a month from now is slap bang between Christmas and New Year, so who knows how many gym sessions I'll get in towards the end...

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