Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Teach Yourself Time Management

For this week's #creativewednesday, I've written an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet. It's also a book review.

Another Oxfam purchase
bought in the Oldham store for two quid
can't deny it was a bargain
designed to help anyone,
especially business managers
forget wasting time and resources
get efficient and learn techniques to be so.
How to plan your time and your goals: use
Improve Your Time Management
just 200 pages. Concise yet detailed,
kick your organisational skills into touch
learn from the best. Published in '09,
most of it is still relevant
only passages on mobile phones and organisers
provide outdated information.
Quite a lot of the advice should be
really obvious anyway, common sense is key.
Still, the most interesting parts include
techniques for how to say 'no.'
Unusual to find this difficult, you may think
very awkward, though, for shy people
with this book, the advice should be valuable
X-ray-like insight from Polly Bird
Zip through your goals with her advice.

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