Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Watch These Irish UFC Fans Go Ballistic at Conor McGregor's Win

Rolled into Genting at 3 in the morning
to catch some of UFC 205
I'd been to a party that was set in the 40s
that had tried to keep the roaring decade alive
So what better way to watch MMA
than in a stiff collared shirt
and a suit of layered grey?
Stood at the bar I bumped into some brethren
who'd been at the casino for 197
Some were local, some were Omagh fellas,
sipping on pints of Cronenberg and Stella
Woodley fought Thompson and Thompson got trounced
and 2 Polish names that I couldn't pronounce
fought for a belt, the champ of strawweight
Johanna retained, but made us all wait
for the main event and the Irish contingent
Who treated the rules like they weren't quite so stringent,
who's rise to stardom was violent and and glorious
who gained the Irish moniker of 'Notorious'
When the fight was stopped, I pretty much missed it
'Cause the Irish fellas went full on ballistic
Throwing chairs with a bawl and a shout
'til the doormen came and threw them all out.
So hats off to McGregor, there's no mystery,
he's the first 2-weight champ in UFC history.

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