Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Food at Artisan

Forever humble and hugely grateful
to be offered up drinks and food by the plateful
101 retweets, and one was chosen
and guess who it was, some blogger from Oldham!
Before we ate we thought we'd grab a drink
So I started with a Passion fruit and pomegranate sling

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I arrived at Artisan for the winning deal
and gazed through the window at the view of Spinningfields
My friends turned up, and we were taken over
to our table past the kitchen with its flavour and aroma
A cosy spot but with space to sit though,
as I chowed down on my braised chorizo
and cippolini onions as the starter came first
and the grapefruit and berry really quenched the thirst

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Me and my squad were pleased further with ease,
when they brought my gourmet burger with cheese

The group were all happy with the rest of the mains
and we ate so much that all was left were remains
Then, with a napkin stuffed in my shirt,
I just about found room for dessert.

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The women enjoyed it as much as the men did,
elegant, refined, and highly recommended
So whether you're a veggie or you like your meat,
whether it's regular or just for a treat
Whether you get there by car or tram,
at least once just try the food at Artisan.

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