Saturday, 26 November 2016

Erick Morillo in South

It's 00:30 on Saturday morning and there's a rumour going around in South nightclub that Erick Morillo- Colombian-American house music producer / DJ due to play at some point tonight- has landed a plane- not a helicopter but an actual aeroplane- on top of The Beetham Tower in Manchester. This makes little sense to me as Beetham is a vary narrow building, but it doesn't matter as the warmup DJ is good and is playing fresh beats, melodic and not too heavy, yet not overplayed either. There's no set times available, possibly because Morillo is travelling here from York as part of his UK tour and who knows what travelling will be like, with any form of transport. (He had been in Los Angeles 2 days earlier, so the travel rumour isn't a totally unfounded concept.)

A little later, the club has filled up. Morillo takes over playing more funky, upbeat house with plenty of piano elements, which is right up my street.

Great atmosphere with good clientele. Both times I've been to South the club was hosting house music nights, a world away from the indie evens they advertise regularly (which wouldn't be my thing). But both times I attended there were good attitudes from friendly people who want to dance and have a good time with out pretense. And last night Erick Morillo was great fun to watch.

I even bumped into someone from Meetup who was out with people from a group I wasn't in. The site is gaining more presence in Manchester's nightlife all the time. So if this might have been your thing, there could be other similar events coming up soon...

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