Sunday, 7 May 2017

Bongo's Bingo with So Solid Crew

God, I ballsed up going to bingo last week. I drove in Friday 28th, but because wacky game Bongo's Bingo starts at 7, I parked up before the cut-off point for parking. I totally forgot to pay. Then I dropped my ticket next to my car. I went back to get it, and found the fine slapped under my wiper. For fuck's sake.

We got into The Albert Hall just in time, and from this point the night improved significantly as we played through the game. None of my group won, but the lucky bastards that did won mind-blowing prizes like a bottle of Archers, £100 cash, a bottle of Morgan's Spiced, a Henry Hoover, an inflatable tube man complete with fan, a life-sized Bruce Forsyth cut-out (which was later seen on the upper balcony raving to Paul Johnson's '99 hit Get Get Down) and finally £500.

Utter carnage but great fun as per. To round off the night, the Bongo's Bingo team had a special guest: Harvey, Lisa Maffia and Megaman from naughties garage outfit So Solid Crew!

The trio belted out a garage medley including their own hits, most of which I think was only recognised or remembered by myself. They polished off their set with their 2001 no.1 hit single, 21 Seconds, which everyone went expectedly batshit to. I was under the impression that I was the only person old enough to remember their other hits that aren't as played in clubs these days. Great performance.

Other contributor acts to Bongo's Bingo nights have included Vengaboys and Westlife, so keep your eyes peeled for retro music stars at future events up and down the country.

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