Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Oldham Comic Con

Wednesday night yeah, and what was going on?
Last Saturday it was Oldham Comic Con!
Thought I'd go along, just for a sight-see
Two floors of stalls at Oldham Library
Had a wonder round, just for a look, yeah,
Found a cartoonist from Count Duckula!
Spoke to Dave Windett, and he told
me he worked on the comics after the TV show
He doodled some sketches, I said, 'That's cool,
Were you also at the one in Blackpool?
He said that he was, but that the show was a shambles,
with chains tied over fire exit handles
It took half the day before he was able
To get himself set up behind a table
But when it comes to Blackpool, all is not lost
Windett himself came forth with some goss
Blackpool Comic Con may be making a revival
With a different team ensuring its survival.
What else was Oldham Library providing?
A full-sized Dalek came out of hiding!

I didn't have to worry, 'cause although he didn't know me,
I was safe in the presence of Obi-Wan Kenobi

And if it wasn't enough, what I just said,
he was also backed up by a man called Judge Dredd.

And if horror comics get you in a fluster,
keep your eyes peeled for the local ghostbuster.

Great that the con was so local and near,
and I also came home with a free souvenir
Saw this little beauty, and of course I bought her,
Largely because it was signed by the author

An impressive array of artists collected
and I have to admit it was better than I expected.

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