Monday, 15 May 2017

Nights out this week!

Book your Friday off ASAP- Manchester Cool Bars are headed to Deansgate Locks to check out Aloha Thursdays, Lola Lo's new midweek night. Should be a good studenty cheap night just before they all head home at the end of term. We're starting quite late as the Locks takes AGES to pick up midweek. And if it still doesn't, then fuck it, we'll just go to Socialite as per. Find us in Sugar Buddha from 10:30pm onwards.

We won't go overboard, though, as there's another meetup Friday that you should ALSO get involved with. New bar The Roxy Ballroom has opened on Deansgate, near The Moon under the Water. Cool Bars are checking this out too, for a few cocktails and possibly a game of ping pong. After succeeding in Leeds, Liverpool and Huddersfield the pool hall brand has opened in Manchester. It might be great, it might not. We don't know. There's the rest of Deansgate if we fancy a look around. We're starting in The Botanist.

On the Saturday: Cool Bars again heads out, this time to Gorilla for a tech trance rave. The meetup is particularly aimed at girls, but if you're a bloke and like the sound of it, make your own judgement. There's already one guy who's RSVPd.

The weekend after is a Bank Holiday and there are already suggestions being bandied about. Stay tuned for more events.

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