Sunday, 21 May 2017

New Bars and Nights

A few things to point out this weekend: Thursday night Manchester Cool Bars dropped into Aloha Thursdays at Lola Lo.

I didn't see Tyson Fury, but I did see a strange Scouse girl with a backpack who taught me a weird secret handshake. She told me she had been on the lash all day and that 'she probably stank.' She didn't, but she was the only friendly person I met there. Way to many rude students. One girl was all over the place, on the verge of spewing, by the look of her. Her mates were pretty much ignoring her.

I spoke to one of the girls stood next to her. “I think your mate might need a soft drink,” I said. “She's really drunk.” I started to realise this wasn't coming out well.

She stared at me silently for a second, and then screamed “fuck off” as loud as she could.

I walked out before I did something really dumb. Perhaps I misjudged, but either way, I will not be back.

Friday night: another Cool Bars meetup. Started in The Botanist on a very quiet night- Good live music- and moved next door to the new Roxy Ballroom. The Deansgate bar has taken over the large old Baby Blue strip club unit, as it was, and stripped it back to the bare brick, plywood and metal framework, adding in graffiti art with UV paint, pool tables, ping pong tables and beer pong tables (yes, these are specific tables). The new bar was quiet, but Friday is a quiet night anyway. The facilities available were already in use, so it's worth booking in advance if you want to have a go. On a busy night I'd expect there to be a waiting list for games. Good two-floor layout with overlooking balconies for views of pool games.

Not a favourite place personally, but worth a look.

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If you're familiar with Suede on Longworth St, or even Ampersand if you're old enough to remember it, you'll be interested in History, the new club soon to open in the same unit just off Deansgate.

It looks great. I can't wait to see it open in autumn.

Lots of events coming next week.

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