Thursday, 6 July 2017

A month to 35

11 months ago I wrote this: A list of things to do before my 35th birthday. I've not looked at it in a while, so let's recap. How far have I got so far?

  1. Learn shorthand. I spent a month on this. Should probably go back to learning as it's HARD and I learned only a few basic strokes.
  2. Citizen journalism. Spent a month on this, found a few things, spoke to a journalist about a fight I filmed outside a club. Hardly revolutionised the blogosphere, but I did what I planned on.
  3. Get the blog to be more than what it is. Not sure I managed that. I'm enjoying blogging and attending the events that result in the blog posts, but I could do with moving things on further.
  4. I've not even looked at my screenplay. Whoops.
  5. I'm in a better position in work- a different office, with better work. Same employer and wage.
  6. I still have no visible abs and am heavier than ever. Shit. I will try again over the next month.
  7. I'm a little more confident. I'm on prescription medication for this, have found a confidence building group that is genuinely helping, and can feel myself getting to where I want to be. I'm absolutely buzzing.
  8. I'm still renting. Oh well.
  9. I travelled a little. Berlin had its ups and downs- mostly downs, if I'm to be honest- and aside from UK trips to Newcastle and Sheffield, there's been no excursions. No-one's got money to come with me, so I'm sticking to Manchester.
  10. Aside from Opus One, which is just for the hotel guests as far as I can tell, I've done all the bars and clubs on the list. It's been fun. Well, some of them were a bit turd, tbh. The restaurants I'll look into later, when they're on Groupon. I'm too tight otherwise, and so is everyone else.

Within the next month, I'll change a few of these.

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