Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Cocktails in the Alchemist! UFC! Get Involved!

I felt like crap last night. Stomach and head all over the place. So, after eating a third of a plated up dinner, I went to bed.

A long sleep sorted me out. I'm now back on form and ready to tell you about the upcoming week, a day late. But before I do, did you hear Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau  read out my text message last Thursday? What do you mean, no?!

He asked us what alternative Apple products may be in existence- the i-screme van, the i-socoles triangle, etc. I sent in, 'Apple invented a mountain goat apparently. Can't wait for the new ibex to come out.' I'm funny enough to get on national radio before I've even got out of bed!

I've got a couple of awesome nightlife events for you. Friday night: Manchester Cool Bars heads to Spinningfields Alchemist for a night of crazy cocktails, concocted with Bunsen burners and a whole range of juices, alcohol and spices. The queues might not be so bad on a Friday, so join us from 10 and try out their range. Also: hot people and house music.

Saturday night I don't have much on until the wee hours, but from 3am onwards I'll be in Genting Casino watching the champion, the Lionheart Amanda Nunes take on The Bullet Valentina Schevchenko at UFC 213. If you fancy extending your night out for a few hours of explosive MMA action, come meet me in the Portland St venue. The Meetup is here, so RSVP if you're up for staying out late. It'll be worth it.

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