Saturday, 2 December 2017

This Week's Psychology-Related Strains

There have been a few issues this week relating to Psychology.

First, I finished NaBloPoMo and Excess Month: Practical, meaning the pressure to upload every day is off my shoulders. I managed it, though, so I'm proud I accomplished something.

Second, you may have heard that Universal Credit is being rolled out against the wishes of many people in the country. As a result of this, my Working Tax Credits have been stopped and are 'under review,' which I had forgotten (due to the memory difficulties which lead to me applying for these benefits in the first place). As mentioned last week, I didn't realise this and am now likely to have to pay this ridiculous £100 fine. Adding to the strain, ATOS only awarded me one component of Personal Independence Payment, when I was previously (and legitimately, I might add) on both components of Disability Living Allowance. And who do I ask for assistance?

No social worker (I'm too 'capable'), no therapist (my sessions have finished)... Parents? They're trying. But they shouldn't have to. They've done more than enough. I'm 35. They're in their 60s. My employer? They've suggested an employee assistance scheme. I'm trying to get in touch, but the details I have don't seem accurate. Andy's Man Club? Maybe one of them might know how to advise me, but it's certainly not anyone's forte, and if it was, haven't they got enough to deal with? It's a depression support group, not Citizen's Advice. Well, I guess I could ask Citizen's Advice. So who helps, and what do I do?

It seems I'm not the only person to be caught out with this problem. Universal Credit is causing havoc for many. Of course, with no practical support, none of this makes a great deal of sense to me.

There is one positive to this, though: the Universal Credit Helpline is now free, after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn put Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke under some pressure. Progress.

To be continued.

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