Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Holy shit, Russell Crowe tweeted me.

Shit. Just seen the forecast: rain and snow towards the end of the week. Dry January, not that I participated, is over, but I won't be putting up many events as it's still fucking freezing.

My Ron Jeremy info made it into E-mail gossip newsletter Popbitch.

And then... this happened.

Ho. Lee. Shit. Russell Crowe, of Romper Stomper / LA Confidential / The Insider tweeted back. 2.4 million followers and this LEGEND responds to me. What a dude.

Also, so did the beautiful Tallia Storm, who's currently on Celebs Go Dating. Fantastic highbrow documentary.

So January is finally over, and the plan is to get a few more events lined up. Problem: I need to wait til payday, and it's still snowing anyway. Next week there's one thing so far.

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