Saturday, 17 February 2018

Andy's Man Club Supports Bradford Park Run


As mentioned 2 weeks ago, support group Andy's Man Club took over the Parkrun in Bradford's Lister Park this morning. Another Oldham member and I drove to Bradford for 8:30am this morning, branded in AMC gear, while the Huddersfield branch of the group did the marshalling.

I marshalled last time, but recently made a plan to practice running and be ready to run in a Parkrun whenever AMC's next takeover took place. It sprung up on me quickly on Facebook, so I jammed in a few runs at the gym and started to get my speed up. I've only ran in a Parkrun once before, in Barking in 2013, getting 25:30.

Before the starting whistle, an AMC / Parkrun organiser gave a quick speech about men's mental health, explaining that suicide is the number 1 killer of men under 50. Andy's Man Club was set up to reduce that number by helping men to talk to each other.

My prediction was that I'd probably get about 45 mins- I'm a lot heavier and haven't run as much recently. I was right: I got 44:51. My knees and calves are now absolutely battered, and I'm taking my time doing anything else today. That said, I'm planning to run again at the next AMC takeover in Wakefield, on 7th April, so I'll continue running at the gym.

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