Monday, 23 April 2018

Mic Check Karaoke!

What if you really want to do karaoke but can't bear the thought of making an arse out of yourself with singing?

Simple answer: make an arse out of yourself by rapping instead!

Impossible on Peter St offers Mic Check Karaoke, a chance to blast out your favourite old-skool hip hop classics. Will I be there? Damn right I will. So will Manchester Cool Bars. We have a crowd going... I want you to make that crowd bigger. We're meeting on Thursday night at 8pm inside Impossible

I will be all over some classic Eminem tracks. Even if you don't want to get on the mic, join the meetup and watch everyone else, and if you're not going to join Meetup you should at least drop in to see me perform. 8pm on Thursday. Be there.

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