Sunday, 10 June 2018


This week, in order:

Love Island Season 4 has begun, and I am for some reason watching it. All getting a bit samey. The launch was Monday, raking in 2.9 million viewers, double of last year's launch. I watch it to see if I can pick up tips with women, but after watching season 2+3 I can't say I've learned jack shit. Still, I'll probably be getting my picture taken with a few of these characters in random Manchester bars over the coming months.

I attended a pretty unique event on Tuesday night. Have you ever been networking and go-karting at the same time? I went to Netkarting at TeamKarting Rochdale on Tuesday night, ran by Director Andy Hall and CEO Matty Street. A nicely arranged, unique night with 2 bouts of karting, a presentation from the organisers and a chance to meet other people for business networking.

I can't kart for the fucking life of me, but it was still fun. I was so bad, in fact, that I got pulled over for blocking or something. I dunno.

Friday: finished work and on leave until the 20th.

Sunday afternoon: Orton's Manchester Writers Circle met in Nexus, and I dropped in to check out the new group. Writers Connect has unfortunately folded after around 9 years of twice-monthly meetings. Sad times. But Ortons met today in the same place an hour earlier, midday. Their meetings seem a little more varied, not just critique sessions, and at a variety of times. We'll see how it goes. Today's meeting went well, with no warm-up exercise unfortunately but some very knowledgeable advice being dished out.

That is all.

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