Monday, 4 June 2018

Love Island, Karting and Networking, Tattu Cocktails

Love Island launches tonight at 9. I'm not going to kid myself- I'll be watching on catchup. Andy's Man Club first though, 7pm at Oldham Sports Centre.

Tomorrow night: NetKarting, Networking and Karting at Team Karting in Rochdale. A good friend of mine, Andy Hall, is running the event, and as director of the go karting venue he decided to put together a business networking event with a twist: 2 rounds of go karting with networking time and food in between. All for £20.

Friday night: I'm running a Facebook event in Tattu for a few cocktails. It's organised through the group Singles Saturdays- Manchester, a group I haven't met with yet. I'm not going to sugar-coat. I'm not sure whether the event is going ahead. First off, it's arranged for a Friday, a night when most people in the group can't do. Second, I'm not convinced that the group is really for me in the first place. Keep your eye on the site, though. The venue itself is one of the best in Manchester and the cocktails are absolutely stunning.

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