Thursday, 7 February 2013

Duotrope Goes Paid

Online literature resource Duotrope, once a free haven to find markets for your poem or short story, has now gone subscription-only. There's now a $5 monthly fee to get access to the thousands of magazines looking for submissions.

The site has been surviving for many years through donations, but a circular went out explaining that these targets had not been hit for a number of months, and the site admins had no choice but to start to charge users.

It's been great having the site to find markets for stories, and I owe a hat-tip to Duotrope with regards to the majority of my published work. It was also a good place to search for free short literature, if you had a spare half hour. I used the site sporadically to find markets so a $5 monthly fee wouldn't really work for me now.

I've found a small closed group on Facebook that is sharing information about publishing markets, but I'm keen to see what else there is out there to help the struggling scribe. Can you advise?

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