Sunday, 24 February 2013

Three Strikes: Week 13

The innocent sleep,
Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care,
The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath,
Balm of hurt minds, great Nature's second course,
Chief nourisher in life's feast

-Macbeth, Act 2 Scene 2

I suppose the main achievement of my week is my first decent night's sleep in a long while, thanks to largely to this bad boy:

It's apparently somewhere between Kalms and popstar killer Propofol. It certainly put me out. I'm not taking one now until I NEED to. They are, apparently, scarily addictive. That's what I call a balm of hurt minds.

What is bizarre is that I've overcome the majority of my problems, so why can't I sleep now? Work's going good, social life pretty good, I eat well, including whole bunches of bananas (known for sugar-balancing, sleep-assisting properties), and more records smashed at the gym. But apparently, insomnia just happens regardless. So pills it is.

5 gym improvements this week:
10 minute run: up 3 speeds
Abs machine, 3 discs, 50 reps: up 1 notch
Pulley pull-ups (lifting the bar from waist to chin): up 1 notch

Anyway. I need to stop using the computer before bed. This is, apparently, part of the problem. 'Scuse me while I take great nature's second course.

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