Sunday, 3 February 2013

Three Strikes: Week 10

Oh my god. What a week.

Get this: American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has scripted a new movie The Canyons, which IMDB is describing as “Youth, glamor, sex and Los Angeles”- a fitting summary of Ellis' style and genre of choice. I can't wait for it. Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader is directing, in an interesting switch of their traditional roles. I'm looking forward to it. The point of me mentioning this is that the cinematographer, John DeFazio, was briefly following me on Twitter.

I know, I know. That is the shittest claim to fame in the history of anything. I've seen people do this before- they're promoting something they're doing, maybe a film or a book, or they're releasing a new album. So these flash-in-the-pan wannabes jump onto Twitter and follow thousands of people in one splurge, then unfollow them all a few days later. Out of all of these people, a good portion will follow back- and that's how they promote what they're doing to their audience. I'm already following Bret Easton Ellis, so I'm guessing DeFazio raided Ellis' follower list to choose his own temporary followings.

Go on then, DeFazio. I'll follow you for what it's worth. You seem pretty funny.

On the subject of humour, I wrote “the wittiest thing on the internet” this week:

On a more serious note, I'm spending this month investigating screenwriting

Screenwriting resources are generally a little thin on the ground to begin with, no matter where you live, but in my area there's particularly little. However, I did find out that my local theatre, Oldham Coliseum, runs a script reading service. I'm interested to know what they think of my terrorism-in-Manchester screenplay, although I'm tempted to have another bash at the actual text first. I wrote it a while ago and my own abilities have sharpened up since then.

I've managed to make a few screenwriting connections over Facebook by asking around, and I've received some helpful feedback on the updated synopsis. I've also been advised to check a few websites that I'll be reviewing here.

Oh, and I got 5 new personal bests out of 3 gym sessions.

Floor to chin pull-ups up 1 notch
10-minute run up 2 speeds
Pulley jab up 2 notches

So mix all of this in with a Christening, a date, the construction of a shelving unit and a couple more nights out and you'll be as busy as me.

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