Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Minted Pea and Feta Omlette

So, what have we here? Tinned ham, tinned peas, and omelette. You've prepared a feast, Jones.

-Henry (Christopher Eccleston) makes the best of a bad situation (namely an outbreak of psychotic zombies) in 28 Days Later.

My minted pea and feta omelette was far superior to Jones', mostly because I had fresh ingredients. Oh, and I didn't have to defend myself against swathes of undead whilst cooking (unless you count the preceding trip to Tesco to buy the ingredients).

This was pretty simple and pretty tasty. The only problem I faced was that my scales were made for measurements much larger than those needed in this recipe, so pouring out 30-40 grams of food wasn't easy.

The Hairy Dieters cookbook is making me wonder why I slogged my guts out on Keda Black's Classics. THD is so easy in comparison, and so much tastier as well. The amount of effort I put into the first few meals from the first cookbook was ridiculous. The majority of recipes in the THD are high in protein, so they're perfect for people like me who are trying to boost strength.

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